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Best Places to Eat at Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

Best Places to Eat at Arthur Avenue, the Bronx
The Authentic Flavors of Arthur Avenue
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Nestled in the heart of the Bronx, Arthur Avenue is a beacon of Italian culture and culinary delight amidst the bustling mosaic of New York City. Often overshadowed by the more tourist-heavy Little Italy in Manhattan, this enclave is cherished by locals and discerning food enthusiasts alike.

Rich in history and tradition, Arthur Avenue boasts some of the finest Italian eateries, bakeries, and delis that transport you straight to the heart of Italy with every bite. From age-old establishments that have withstood the test of time to newer additions enriching the culinary landscape, Arthur Avenue promises an authentic Italian experience.

In this guide, we will explore the best place to eat in Arthur Avenue. Let’s Start!

Best Places to Eat on Arthur Avenue, Bronx

Roberto's Restaurant

A favorite among many, Roberto's brings a blend of modern flair and traditional Italian heartiness right to your table.

The rich flavors and authenticity of the dishes are no surprise, given that Roberto Paciullo, the restaurant’s Chef and owner, hails from Salerno, a beautiful port city just south of Naples. His heritage and passion for food shine through in every meal, making this place a nook of genuine Italian flavors and hospitality.

With its cozy atmosphere and high-quality dishes, it's a must-visit for those seeking authentic Italian cuisine.

Mario's Restaurant

Serving the community since 1919, Mario's is an iconic restaurant on Arthur Avenue. While it's famous for its Neapolitan-style pizza, the menu also offers a range of traditional Italian and Mediterranean dishes, all prepared with love and high-quality ingredients.

Mario’s offers a casual dining experience that blends the tastes of the past and the present, serving classic New York-Italian favorites.

Zero Otto Nove

A relatively newer addition to Arthur Avenue, Zero Otto Nove quickly carved its niche with its Salerno-inspired dishes. The wood-fired pizzas are a standout, but what many locals and visitors rave about is the fresh and tasty mozzarella that melts perfectly, complementing the flavors.

Committed to local sourcing, the meat and fish served in the restaurant are bought right from the vendors on Arthur Avenue, ensuring freshness and supporting the local community. Whether it's pasta or the rich ragu, every dish speaks to the restaurant's dedication to authenticity and quality.

It's a slice of Salerno in the Bronx that shouldn't be missed.

Madonia Brothers Bakery

Even though it's not a restaurant, Madonia Bakery deserves a spot on this list. With freshly baked bread, pastries, and cookies, it has served locals and visitors for more than 100 years now.

This family-owned bakery passes from one generation to the next, preserving cherished recipes and baking techniques that have become synonymous with the Arthur Avenue experience.

Its long history speaks not only to the quality of its goods but also to the heart and soul the Madonia family pours into every loaf and sweet treat.

Teitel Brothers

While not a restaurant, Teitel Brothers is an iconic grocery store that's been serving the community since 1915. Here, you can find a vast selection of Italian cheeses, meats, olives, and other imports. It's a great place to pick up ingredients if you're inspired to make your own Italian dish at home.


Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is a testament to the rich Italian heritage that has flavored the culture of New York City. Whether you're a local or a tourist, a culinary adventure on this historic avenue is bound to be memorable.

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