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Mott Haven Best Bars

Mott Haven Best Bars
Cheers to Mott Haven!
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Mott Haven's nightlife is as lively as its day, with a range of bars and lounges that mirror the area's diverse population and vibrant history. The neighborhood now boasts an assortment of watering holes that not only offer delightful cocktails and drinks but also serve as a hub for community gatherings, reflecting Mott Haven’s spirit of camaraderie and innovation.

Let's dive into the spirited side of Mott Haven!

Bricks & Hops

Nestled in the heart of Mott Haven, Bricks & Hops delivers an urban sanctuary for beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike. With its rustic brick walls and a vast selection of local and international brews, this bar effortlessly blends the traditional with the contemporary. Whether you're in the mood for a classic IPA or an exotic stout, Bricks & Hops ensures a flavorful journey amidst a vibrant yet cozy ambiance.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen

Charlie's Bar & Kitchen encapsulates the essence of Mott Haven's rich history while embracing modernity. Housed in a meticulously restored building, the bar presents an eclectic blend of American classics, innovative cocktails, and a dash of Bronx flair. A rendezvous here promises not just a delightful drink but an immersive experience enriched by its chic interiors and unmatched vibes.

The Lit. Bar

A harmonious blend of literature and libations, The Lit. Bar is Mott Haven's tribute to the power of stories and spirits. While it's a bookstore at its core, the bar section doesn't play second fiddle. Unwind with a crafty cocktail in hand, surrounded by shelves lined with literary gems. Intellectual stimulation meets inebriation in this one-of-a-kind establishment, making it a favorite haunt for both bookworms and beverage enthusiasts.

Bar 47

A tribute to Mott Haven's bustling bar scene, Bar 47 is the epitome of urban chic. With sleek interiors, a dynamic lighting setup, and a cocktail menu that's as innovative as it is diverse, Bar 47 is a place you should definitely visit. From its signature mixes to the pulsating beats that set the tone, Bar 47 guarantees a night of sophistication and fun.

The Living Room Il

Evoking the warmth and comfort of a friend's living room, this bar stands true to its name. The Living Room II offers patrons a relaxed setting, complemented by a diverse drinks menu. Velvet couches, ambient lighting, and soulful tunes create a homely ambiance, making it the perfect spot for laid-back conversations and heartwarming reunions. Whether it's a casual evening with friends or a date night, The Living Room II promises an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality


As Mott Haven cements its position as a premier Bronx hotspot, its nightlife radiates with energy. It's not just about grabbing a drink; it's about sharing moments, laughter, and memories.

Mott Haven invites you to immerse in its spirited ambiance!

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