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Luxury meets Purpose

Sustainable yet

The Bruckner House is a tribute to sustainable architecture. In conversation with the past, the architect uses traditional red brick alongside environmentally conscious materials to re-interpret Mott Haven & New York architecture.The building pays homage to the area's industrial past, using materials from across the country. In its communal spaces, members enjoy rich oak paneling and quartered glass combined with exposed concrete for a luxurious and inviting living experience.

Luxury Meets Purpose
Luxury Meets Purpose

The Bruckner House embodies balance in its design. It combines sustainable materials like polished wood with elements like exposed concrete and black-and-white tile. The result is striking and captivating while retaining a visual balance that creates calmness.

Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Immerse yourself in the inviting warmth of the materials used across all amenity spaces. The quartered glass floods each space with natural light, bouncing off the rich wood paneling, rendering The Bruckner House’s community spaces the ultimate hub for work and entertainment.

The Sound of Nature

Amidst the garden's peaceful ambiance, residents can unwind, read a book, or simply savor a moment of quiet contemplation. The charm & lifestyle of The Bruckner House begins in its interior garden. Take a breath.

The Sound of Nature

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